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Full Day Offshore Halibut Fishing Charter

Quick Details

Fisherman Ages 12+ recommended
Private Charter All Ages • Up to 12 people

Join Yaquina Bay Charters for Halibut Fishing in Oregon!

These trips are about 20 to 30 miles off shore in deep water. halibut meat is a Pacific Northwest delicacy seen on most restaurant menus in the Newport area and elsewhere. While most people enjoy battered halibut and chips, it is also excellent as grilled steaks, filleted and sautéed or smoked.

The Crackerjack and Gracie K are 43 feet long Deltas and will accommodate up to 12 fisherman each comfortably. The Spindrift is a 37 foot Delta and accommodates up to 10 anglers comfortably.

Each person fishing will receive their own pole. No one has to share a fishing rod. Each person gets to fish all the time, no waiting. Go by yourself, with friends or with family. Private charters are available.

If you fish aboard the Crackerjack, Gracie K or Spindrift, we will include crabbing on our halibut trips. Anyone crabbing simply needs to purchase an Oregon shellfish license. *Weather permitting of course. Check out halibut season in Oregon by booking online!