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Full Day Albacore Tuna Fishing Charter

Quick Details

Fisherman Ages 12+ recommended
Private Charter Up to 10 people

Enjoy Tuna Fishing at the coast of Newport, Oregon

Take a Tuna fishing trip with Yaquina Bay Charters as we pursue this fun fighting fish. All sport fishing rods are used when trolling for Tuna and light tackle rods to cast and jig for the fish during the later part of the season. No hand lines are used. All tuna trips are 12 hours in length. ***We recommend no one younger than 12 participates in this trip.

Yaquina Bay Charters values a great fishing experience for all those aboard our Tuna trips; which is why we limit them to only 10 people. This assures our fisherman maximum fish time, not having to take turns, and a comfortable boat that is never crowded. The Crackerjack and Gracie K are some of the fastest boats in the fleet. Faster cruise speed means longer range and more fishing time, and a comfortable cabin for the ride in and out.

The tuna are unpredictable, but arrive on the Oregon coast off Newport when water temperatures warm up in the summer months, just in time to plan your vacation to Newport and the Oregon coast. Albacore Tuna are able to strike your fishing line at speeds of 60 miles per hour and make for an enjoyable and challenging fishing experience.

While most people are accustomed to eating tuna as a sandwich spread and most get theirs canned for that purpose, there is nothing tastier than the Albacore Tuna loin for bar-b-que grilling or pan searing a nice Albacore steak. If you like smoked products, Albacore Tuna is one of the tastiest of the smoked fish products.