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Full Day Coho Salmon & Rockfish Fishing Charter

Quick Details

Fisherman Ages 13+
Child Ages 6-12
Private Charter Ages 6+ • Up to 12 people

Treat Yourself to a Coho Salmon Fishing Trip in Newport, OR!

Join us at the South Beach Marina, which is located on the south side of the bridge in Newport, Oregon, on the beautiful Yaquina Bay.

We’ll take you to some of the best known places to catch a Coho (Silver) Salmon such as the rock pile, which is 11 miles off of South Beach. We’ll run up to 20 miles for a good salmon bite and communicate with other boats to find the fish. Salmon fishing is incredibly fun and can be challenging to keep tension on your rod throughout the fight or your fish might slip the barbless hook. After some of the adrenaline-pumping action from salmon, you’ll hunt for rockfish and lingcod to round out the day.

This trip will split your time typically fishing for salmon first further offshore and then switching to rockfish and lingcod and returning closer to shore. Enjoy the unique experience of two different types of fishing in a single day, and add crabbing to your trip for just $25 to top it off with another local delicacy!