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Fishing Trips

Pacific Ocean Deep Sea Fishing!


Bottom Fishing and Crabbing With Yaquina Bay Charters! Go bottom fish off Newport! Every fish has it’s flavor-able characteristic and Oregon’s bottom fish are no exception. With Yaquina Bay Charters, we’ll take you to some of the best near shore reefs where you’ll find Sea Bass, Sea Trout, Cabazon and the much sought Ling Cod. We offer 5 and 6 hour charter trips and if you want to really round it off, add Dungeness crabbing to your trip (6 hour only). Limits on bottom fish change so check out the latest news and fishing blogs for the latest limits. Bottom fish are great for fish and chips, sautéed or added to a Ciopinno. Mild in flavor, bottom fish are a welcome meal for even novice seafood eaters who are just discovering seafood eating.

Newport Albacore Tuna Fishing Trips! Take a Tuna fishing trip with Yaquina Bay Charters as we pursue bountiful limit catches of 25 tuna per person. The tuna arrive on the Oregon coast off Newport when water temperatures warm up in the summer months, a perfect time to plan your vacation to Lincoln County and the Oregon coast. Albacore Tuna are able to strike your fishing line at speeds of 60 miles per hour and make for an enjoyable fishing experience. While most people are accustomed to eating tuna as a sandwich spread and most get theirs canned for that purpose, there is nothing tastier than the Albacore Tuna loin for bar-b-que grilling. If you like smoked products, Albacore Tuna is one of the tastiest of the smoked fish products. Yaquina Bay Charters schedules 12 hour trips.
Find out more on our dedicated page for this type of trip.

Halibut Season Book your Pacific Halibut charter trip in advance for this years season. Yaquina Bay Charters offers 12 hour halibut charters or until limits are taken. The Crackerjack is 43 feet long and will accommodate up to 12 fisherman comfortably. Go by yourself , with friends or with family. Ask about group rates. We also offer a private party charter on most trips. Halibut meat is a Pacific Northwest delicacy seen on most restaurant menus in the Newport area and elsewhere. While most people enjoy battered halibut and chips, it is also excellent as grilled steaks, filleted and sautéed or smoked.

Yaquina Bay Charters encourages you to inquire for your next halibut charter with us!

Newport Coho Salmon Charter Fishing Trips Enjoy yourself with a Salmon fishing charter starting at our slip at the Embarcadero Resort on the beautiful Yaquina Bay in Newport Oregon. We’ll take you to some of the best known places to catch a Coho Salmon such as the ‘ Rock Pile’ 11 miles off of South Beach, to serious salmon run locations that are being watched and reported by our charter boats. Please call for reservations.

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