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So far this week…

Last weekend the Crackerjack had 4 tuna trips in 5 days with good results everyday except for Sunday when the wind gave us enough trouble that we only brought home 10. Thursday, Saturday, and Monday had catches between 35 and 40 each day, a good haul for the nine and ten fishermen on each trip. The CJ heads back out on the chase on Friday and Saturday and currently has 1 spot left for Friday and 2 for Saturday. The Sea Quell is back up and running and did well on rockfish yesterday coming in a little early with near limits. Had they stayed the whole time they would have limited, but a few passengers were seasick and had had enough for the day. Today the Sea Quell is trying again for … Read entire article »

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Here’s a nice note we got from Diane on our Facebook the other day! “My husband and I went out with Capt. Art & Deckhand Dick and had the best time Monday, August 10th….we caught our limit and a lot of natives that we had to send back, I must say, for my very first fishing trip…it was extremely enjoyable!!! Captain Art and Dick were VERY helpful and gave us the best time!!!! Thank you so much!!!!”   The Crackerjack is on Tuna again today after having a pretty good day on Thursday. It’s a bit windy today, but they’re out trying to make it work, so we’re excited to see how they did. Tomorrow and Monday are also tuna trips for the CJ. We just got word from Capt. Art that the Sea Quell … Read entire article »

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Busy Weekend Ahead!

Today the Sea Quell is out for Salmon, hoping to find some hungry coho just hanging out up north a little ways. Yesterday the salmon were slow to bite and the fin clipped hatchery coho we scarce down south, so hopefully north will yield some better results. The Crackerjack is out on a tuna quest today, the first of 4 for the next 5 days. Tomorrow is a short salmon trip and then Saturday-Monday is all tuna for Capt. Jack and Sam. My brothers haven’t had a day off since sometime in June, so weekends like this run them pretty ragged. The good news is they have the whole winter to recover. There are days where Capt. Jack and Sam may be caught looking like this: However, being the attentive crew that they … Read entire article »

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Miss me? Important Halibut Notice!

Sorry for the long weekend with no updates, but I was out of town and no one else knows how to do the blog yet… I promise we’ll fix that! Anyway, we had a long weekend with several tuna trips and salmon trips. Tuna was consistently good with boat averages around 36 fish, which makes 3.5 fish per person. The albacore were still in pretty close around 20-25 miles, just a bit scattered still because there is so much warm water there’s no big concentration of them. We heard from another boat that the fishing was even better on Monday, so we’re really looking forward to our trips this week to see if it’s still just as good. We have some last minute openings on Thursday and Monday of this week! Salmon … Read entire article »

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Slowing Salmon

We had a great time while it lasted, but Salmon is starting to slow a little again. Yesterday they caught several natives, as usual, but weren’t able to find enough hatchery fish to get more than an average of one per person. Still good fishing, but we know a lot of people would prefer more catching. The Crackerjack is out for tuna today and the Sea Quell is out for rockfish. The wind is starting to pick up a bit again, but we are so grateful for the wonderfully calm two weeks we just had out there. Now it’s back to the usual, bumpy August ocean. A couple spots came available for tuna on Friday and Saturday, and a few still left for Salmon on Thursday. Give us a call with any … Read entire article »

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Still Catching Coho!

The Crackerjack and Sea Quell are both out hunting down coho today with full boats. The salmon have still been going strong, we’re consistently getting into them and bringing home good numbers! Still a lot of natives we have to sort through, but it’s great fishing! The Crackerjack runs another Salmon tomorrow before returning to the tuna quest on Wednesday. They are in about 30 to 35 miles right now and we have 3 spots left on Wednesday and Saturday due to cancellations so you should snatch them up! Halibut was great this weekend and I’ll put some pictures up soon! Next open weekend is the 21st-23rd and we only have room left on the 21st now. Reserve your spots before they’re gone! … Read entire article »

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