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Another Halibut weekend

Last weekend's Halibut was pretty tough with a fast drift and some choppy seas, but our boats faired pretty well overall. This week we had a weather cancellation on Thursday because of one of our famous Oregon Coast storms, but we made it out Friday and Saturday. The picture is from the Crackerjack's catch on Saturday. Capt. Jack brought in limits plus crew fish on what was the last Halibut day until June 3rd. Today the Crackerjack went out on a bottom trip and brought back limits for everyone who didn't end up hanging over a rail… And I say that in a loving way since I would be doing the same thing… This weekend we're looking forward to bottom fishing and the opening of the first Chinook Salmon season in … Read entire article »

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Halibut Opener!

Both boats went out for halibut on the first day of the season yesterday. The ocean made for a rough ride and a fast drift, which is hard on some of our beginning fishermen, but the day went well overall. Both boats limited despite slow fishing, and the size of the fish grade was pretty good, but we'll be looking forward to larger halibut in the next couple trips. This afternoon we expect the Sea Quell to drop some big Halibut on the docks after the Crackerjack brings home the bacon…err.. rockfish… Captain Jack should be able to take a picture or two for me to put up and get you all excited for the season! Both boats go out for Halibut again on Saturday and I'll keep you posted on how … Read entire article »

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Salmon seasons set (tentative)

It looks like this years salmon season has been agreed upon. Chinook salmon will be open Memorial Day through Labor Day Weekend. Coho Salmon season will open up June 26th, and last through Labor Day or 26,000 fish, which ever comes first.   The season has been adopted by ODFW.  Time to polish off the salmon gear.   We are taking reservations now for either coho or Chinook trips.  Just a reminder a half day trip is $85 and a full day trip is $115.   … Read entire article »

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Gearing up for the season!

Hey all, hope you’re doing well! We are getting ready for the season ahead and hearing good things about salmon again this year! Biologists have been noting an abundance of bait fish in the ocean this Winter which should attract lots of salmon (and hopefully Tuna!) to the area this Summer. We anticipate the Coho season opening in mid- to late-June, and retaining 3 per person may be a possibility again this year! The all-depth Pacific Halibut season will open in May, but the official dates will not be announced until March. We are currently taking tentative reservations assuming the season will begin on the second Thursday of the month and run Thursdays-Saturdays alternating weekends until the quota is met. Captain Jack will be representing Yaquina Bay Charters at our booth at … Read entire article »

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We want your opinion!

Hello! I have some great ling cod pictures to post for you soon, but first I want to put out a question to all of you… This past March we attended our first ever sportsman show and chose to go to the Idaho show in Boise because of our large Idaho customer base and its economical benefits. This year we are tossing around the idea of either staying with the Idaho show in Boise¬†or switching it up and trying out the Central Oregon show in Redmond. If you have any suggestions for us, or a preference of where we go we’d appreciate your opinion! The Portland show is awfully expensive to attend, and being a small business we try to keep our costs low, but any opinions of where the best show … Read entire article »

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Hello, October!

Well folks, the Pacific Salmon season is officially over! We had a great summer fishing for silvers, and we’re looking forward to next year’s opener in June! The tuna are also pretty far offshore now, so we’re no longer taking out trips for albacore. The tuna kept us on our toes this year and lasted a long time! We’re hoping next year will bring more of the same and maybe a little closer to shore like in 2007. If you want to get on our call or email list for when the tuna show up next year, give us a call or submit your name and email on our info request form on our website. Both boats are out bottom fishing today looking to bring back some blackies and lings. Bottom fishing … Read entire article »

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