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Salmon Update

We've been asked to give an update on how the Salmon season is progressing, and I apologize for not giving more information sooner! Unfortunately the reason we haven't said much about it is because there isn't much happening… As of July 11th ODFW estimates that only 5.4% of the Coho quota has been taken. The average number of salmon caught per angler in Newport from June 26-July 11 is less than 0.10… the best average on the Oregon coast has been out of Garibali where they have estimated an average catch of 0.52 salmon per angler.  This information comes from the salmon catch estimated and statistics page on the ODFW website. The encouraging news is that it looks like salmon catches down south have increased over the initial two weeks of the season, … Read entire article »

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The Crackerjack had a great trip on Saturday! The tuna were within 45 miles and all the fish were good size. We're looking forward to our trips on Thursday-Saturday. Friday has 1 spot left as part of the Best Fishing Places Tournament, but anyone is welcome to join! Thanks to all the guys for being a great group and giving Capt. Jack and the deckhand Scott a fun day of catching tuna! … Read entire article »

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Salmon Opener etc…

Saturday was the opening day for Coho retention for the Central Oregon Coast and it looks like everyone in the port had a hard day fishing for them. We caught 1, lost 3, and released 3 or 4 natives and that sounded like it was one of the better trips for all the charters. We had much better luck at bottom fishing for the rest of the weekend, but Capt. Jack is going to take more shots at Salmon later in the week and has a good feeling we'll have better luck. At this point we are recommending full day Salmon trips rather than half days to improve catches, but it's always up to the customer. Bottom fishing is doing well, and we've been catching a good mix of fish. Yesterday … Read entire article »

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Fishin’ for Sea Bass

Since the Chinook Salmon season has been pretty poor so far, we've been spending all of our time on bottom fishing and the remaining Halibut season. We don't expect for there to be any more Halibut dates until summer season in August, but it's possible we haven't met the quota yet and ODFW will annouce another backup date or two. In the meantime we're running bottom fishing trips every day this week and eagerly anticipating the Coho opener on Saturday! Today's picture is a good sized black rockfish caught on the Crackerjack by our good friend Pat a few days ago. There are a few spots left on Friday for bottom fishing on either boat and then we'll start after Salmon on the 26th. We have 4 spots left for a half day Salmon … Read entire article »

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Another Halibut weekend

Last weekend's Halibut was pretty tough with a fast drift and some choppy seas, but our boats faired pretty well overall. This week we had a weather cancellation on Thursday because of one of our famous Oregon Coast storms, but we made it out Friday and Saturday. The picture is from the Crackerjack's catch on Saturday. Capt. Jack brought in limits plus crew fish on what was the last Halibut day until June 3rd. Today the Crackerjack went out on a bottom trip and brought back limits for everyone who didn't end up hanging over a rail… And I say that in a loving way since I would be doing the same thing… This weekend we're looking forward to bottom fishing and the opening of the first Chinook Salmon season in … Read entire article »

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Halibut Opener!

Both boats went out for halibut on the first day of the season yesterday. The ocean made for a rough ride and a fast drift, which is hard on some of our beginning fishermen, but the day went well overall. Both boats limited despite slow fishing, and the size of the fish grade was pretty good, but we'll be looking forward to larger halibut in the next couple trips. This afternoon we expect the Sea Quell to drop some big Halibut on the docks after the Crackerjack brings home the bacon…err.. rockfish… Captain Jack should be able to take a picture or two for me to put up and get you all excited for the season! Both boats go out for Halibut again on Saturday and I'll keep you posted on how … Read entire article »

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