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The twins!

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Good Day Bottom fishing

The Crackerjack went out Bottom Fishing on March 21st. Fishing was very good with some nice lings and lots of good quality rockfish coming on board. The final tally for lings was 12 and the passengers who fished all caught thier limits of rockfish. The 1/2 day¬†bottom fishing trips are going well.¬† Schedule yours soon! … Read entire article »

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Late August Weekend

Good morning everyone! We had an interesting weekend here at YBC. Friday's tuna trip was unfortunately cancelled due to wild weather but we made it out for tuna on Saturday and Sunday. Capt. Jack wrangled in 22 and 31 tuna on each day. Most of them were caught on light tackle casting gear as the tuna were a bit more spread out and calm water on Sunday had the tuna seeing us coming from miles away, so trolling wasn't as productive. The Sea Quell took to the sea for Salmon on Saturday and Sunday and caught limits on a full day trip Saturday, but only found 4 keepers on Sunday's half day. Salmon fishing is still good though, and it will run just through labor day- if you're anxious to get out there … Read entire article »

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Tuuuuuna! Best days yet!

Tuesday's group of 9 brought in 60 big albacore and today the Crackerjack went back and brought 66 more! Captain Jack is on fire!! … Read entire article »

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Capt. Art brought back 6 salmon and a pretty good load of bottom fish from his Salmon/Bottom combo trip today. Salmon has been a little hit and miss, as yesterday we only got one keeper, but today was a nice day so let's hope it stays that way! The Crackerjack had a half day bottom fishing trip today and did well, almost got limits for everyone and brought in a bunch of crab too! Capt. Art returns to bottom fishing tomorrow morning and afternoon (afternoon has 4 spots left!) and Capt. Jack will be chasing tuna once again. Just another day in paradise! … Read entire article »

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Another great tuna day!

The Crackerjack brought back 57 albacore last night! They were out between 30 and 40 miles with a full boat of ten. Way to go guys! The next open tuna  in August are on the 25th (6 spots) and the 27th (1 spot) and then we have room for a whole boat on the 31st. The Sea Quell had a bottom fishing double header yesterday and got 53 crab in 6 pots on the morning trip! However, by the afternoon the next set of 3 pots only brought in 7. That's kinda the way crabbing goes in Newport! Captain Art is out for Salmon today and then a Salmon/Bottom combo tomorrow with one spot left. I will post again later with how salmon fishing was today. Give us a call if you want … Read entire article »

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