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Tuna, Salmon, and All Depth Halibut Season Reminder

The Coho are getting big! We had a few 14 pounders come in this weekend from our trips out on the Sea Quell. Captain Art is looking forward to a very full week of Salmon fishing, and possibly his first shot at tuna this season on Thursday. The tuna trip last night came in with 22, making it about 2 per person. Our Crackerjack took out a group with several Multnomah County Sherrif officers who said they had a great time! Someone on the boat took some good pictures they’re going to send me of them fighting the longfins, so look forward to seeing those this week. Another tuna out today and again tomorrow on the Crackerjack. We’re anticipating a larger catch today from what we learned yesterday when the … Read entire article »

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Full Week

Fishing has turned on again this week! The bottom fish were plentiful yesterday, and the Crackerjack even had a hard time getting through the Salmon to get to them! Apparently the Salmon were chasing every hook right where the bottom fish were! The Sea Quell had a few fish get away, but was only a couple short of limits for the day. An extra hour or so would have been plenty of time to limit out everyone the way the fish were biting. The Crackerjack is out for tuna today and will be going back out for them again tomorrow and Monday. If the tuna come in within 30 miles then the Sea Quell will be heading out for them on Thursday the 6th. Otherwise the next available tuna day for the … Read entire article »

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Time flies when we’re having fun…

Tuesday The bottom fish were coming in the boat steady and then slowed down a little toward the end leaving a few folks just a couple fish shy of limits, but otherwise fishing was good and we had another day with a great variety of fish coming in. The salmon trip as usual caught a lot of natives that had to be released, but was able to snag several fin clipped coho and was just 4 fish shy of limits for the Sea Quell. At this point we are still recommending the 8 hour salmon as the best chance to limit out. Wednesday Tuna fishing was good again yesterday with the fish still about 50 miles with a few inside 45. The load of 9 was able to reel in 43 tuna for … Read entire article »

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Tuna Tomorrow!

One spot left on the tuna trip tomorrow! … Read entire article »

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Tuna Dates

Serves me right to not have our bookings in front of me when I talk about this stuff… Along with a couple spots left on Wednesday, we do also have room on Monday the 3rd for Tuna. After that the next available date is the 12th unless they come within 30 miles so our 6 pack can get out there. Also, check out this picture from our Sunday salmon/bottom combo that our friend Bob Bohm sent us this morning. Very nice! And notice the fog… pretty much what the ocean normally looks like when it’s 100 degrees in the valley! … Read entire article »

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Return of the Tuna!

Theeeeeeeey’re Baaaaaaaack!! They aren’t as close as they were earlier in the month, but they’re closer than they’ve been for two weeks. Our Crackerjack went out about 50 miles for the best fishing, but snagged a couple around 35 and 40 miles too. They brought back 27 long fins for today’s group of 9 (and remember we will not put more than 10 fishermen on the boat for tuna), so they each got 3 tuna per person (12 loins!). We have another trip for tuna on Wednesday with a couple spots left, so let us know if you want to get out there, otherwise we’re booked up for tuna for about two weeks. Call the office if you want us to check some dates for you! 541-265-6800 … Read entire article »

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