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Trying for salmon today!

The Sea Quell is going to take a shot at coho today under the new 2 fish limit. We have a good sized quota and we’re anxious to get our hands on a piece of the action. Apparently Depoe Bay has been doing really well this week, so Capt. Art will probably head up there and see what he finds. Capt. Jack is off the water today before returning to three tuna trips this weekend. There’s room left on Monday! … Read entire article »

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September Salmon

Today is September 1st and we are officially under a new Salmon season ending with a met quota of 7,000 fin-clipped coho or on September 30th, whichever comes first. This new season is also under a revised limit, back down at 2 per person. We’ll let you know as soon as the fishing gets good again, because we don’t want to miss out on this rare September coastal Salmon fishing! … Read entire article »

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Winding down

We had a a great weekend here chasing tuna and bottom fish! The Crackerjack brought in 27 tuna on Friday and 30 on Saturday before returning close to the shoreline on Sunday for bottom fish. The Sea Quell has been doing well on sea bass in the mornings, but the fishing in the afternoon was a little slower. This week it looks like going for sea bass is still going to be better fishing than salmon. We are hearing of some fish down south that are coming our way, so our new 7,000 coho quota starting tomorrow may come in handy in a week or so. The beginning of September is the end of our busy season and labor day weekend is our last big push for the summer season, but … Read entire article »

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Salmon update…

…Still slow. Not much else to say about it really. It’s just not any good fishing right now, but we’re thinking we’re going to get the rest of the coastal rivers’ fish here in the next week or so, and they should stick around for some good fishing through most of September. Both the Crackerjack and Sea Quell are on bottom fishing today. Let’s get some lings! And I forgot to let you all know that crabbing in the ocean is still open! Normally it closes mid-August, but this year ODFW is keeping it open longer and the shells are about 2/3 to 3/4 full right now. … Read entire article »

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So far this week…

Last weekend the Crackerjack had 4 tuna trips in 5 days with good results everyday except for Sunday when the wind gave us enough trouble that we only brought home 10. Thursday, Saturday, and Monday had catches between 35 and 40 each day, a good haul for the nine and ten fishermen on each trip. The CJ heads back out on the chase on Friday and Saturday and currently has 1 spot left for Friday and 2 for Saturday. The Sea Quell is back up and running and did well on rockfish yesterday coming in a little early with near limits. Had they stayed the whole time they would have limited, but a few passengers were seasick and had had enough for the day. Today the Sea Quell is trying again for … Read entire article »

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Here’s a nice note we got from Diane on our Facebook the other day! “My husband and I went out with Capt. Art & Deckhand Dick and had the best time Monday, August 10th….we caught our limit and a lot of natives that we had to send back, I must say, for my very first fishing trip…it was extremely enjoyable!!! Captain Art and Dick were VERY helpful and gave us the best time!!!! Thank you so much!!!!”   The Crackerjack is on Tuna again today after having a pretty good day on Thursday. It’s a bit windy today, but they’re out trying to make it work, so we’re excited to see how they did. Tomorrow and Monday are also tuna trips for the CJ. We just got word from Capt. Art that the Sea Quell … Read entire article »

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