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Tentative Spring Halibut Dates

It looks like the ODFW suggested halibut season for the spring all depth fishery will be May 13-15, 20-22, And June 3-5. The inside 40 fathom fishery begins May 1. We are taking reservations.  If you want to go halibut fishing sign up quick.  This is the smallest halibut quota we've had in recent years. … Read entire article »

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Feb 10th fishing trip

Well, the weather turned poor on us quick today but Captain Art took four brave souls out this morning on a bottom fishing trip.  They did quite well with around twenty two rockfish and four lingcod before deciding to come home because of the wind and rain.  Thats not bad for fishing less than half of a normal trip.   When they got back in I was only able to take one picture do to the rain.       Well I hope the forecasters forgot how to do their jobs because we've got three more trips to get out this week and its not looking good. Hope everyone is staying dry. … Read entire article »

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Winter Fishing Blues

Its been very difficult so far in 2010 to get out fishing.  It seems like everytime someone wants to get out the weather blows up and we have to cancel the trip.  Well, hopefully tomorrow that all changes.  The Sea Quell is heading out for some fishing and crabbing tomorrow and we'll do our best to let you know how fishing is.  I'm hoping there will be some great lings caught along with some quality rockfish. It looks like after tomorrow our weather window closes and its back to cold and windy with large swells.  But if that doesn't materialize we'll be out there again this weekend. Hope everyone is enjoying todays sunshine.   … Read entire article »

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Gearing up for the season!

Hey all, hope you’re doing well! We are getting ready for the season ahead and hearing good things about salmon again this year! Biologists have been noting an abundance of bait fish in the ocean this Winter which should attract lots of salmon (and hopefully Tuna!) to the area this Summer. We anticipate the Coho season opening in mid- to late-June, and retaining 3 per person may be a possibility again this year! The all-depth Pacific Halibut season will open in May, but the official dates will not be announced until March. We are currently taking tentative reservations assuming the season will begin on the second Thursday of the month and run Thursdays-Saturdays alternating weekends until the quota is met. Captain Jack will be representing Yaquina Bay Charters at our booth at … Read entire article »

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Arctic Blast!!! (again…)

BRRRRRR!!! Is it cold enough for all of you?? Hope you’re all keeping warm! … Read entire article »

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We want your opinion!

Hello! I have some great ling cod pictures to post for you soon, but first I want to put out a question to all of you… This past March we attended our first ever sportsman show and chose to go to the Idaho show in Boise because of our large Idaho customer base and its economical benefits. This year we are tossing around the idea of either staying with the Idaho show in Boise¬†or switching it up and trying out the Central Oregon show in Redmond. If you have any suggestions for us, or a preference of where we go we’d appreciate your opinion! The Portland show is awfully expensive to attend, and being a small business we try to keep our costs low, but any opinions of where the best show … Read entire article »

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