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Lulls and Cycles

Our trips yesterday made it out, but fishing has continued to be a little slow for both Salmon and Rockfish. We’re anticipating a new batch of Salmon to come up from the south here in the next day or two to replace the group that moved north in the last few days. The bottom fish are just slower to bite right now because of a sudden drop in water temps brought on by the recent wind. Since they are cold-blooded fish, their metabolism slows down when the water gets colder making them less hungry and less likely to go after our gear. They still have to eat, so we’ll keep catching some, but it might remain slow for another day or two until the water warms up another couple degrees … Read entire article »

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Weather and Introductions

It was a bright and early sunshine-y morning here at Yaquina Bay Charters today, but the weather was anything but cooperative. Our boats went out to see if we could handle the weather but the wind was already blowing 15 kts at the tips of the jetty by 5am and supposed to double by mid-morning. That on top of combined seas of about 11ft. at 11 seconds made it hard to keep going. We’re crossing our fingers that the weather will pass through today so we can make it out for our Salmon trips tomorrow. I’m going to take this opportunity (with Rachel being out of the office today) to introduce you to our office staff which includes myself and Rachel. Rachel is below on the left, and I am on … Read entire article »

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More Salmon and the Statesman Journal

Our Crackerjack went fishing for Salmon earlier this week with a maxed out group of 12 (the most we ever take on a Salmon trip though we are certified up to 30) and they brought back limits for everyone! Also this week our friend Henry Miller at the Statesman Journal have been writing some articles about the opening of Salmon season featuring some quotes from our Captain Jack and his wife Rachel. We’re looking forward to more articles featuring some pictures from some of our trips! Here’s the link to the article from earlier this week: Statesman Journal Article Stay tuned, later this week we’ll feature some bios on our captains and office workers! … Read entire article »

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First day of limits!

Yesterday we had both Salmon boats come in with limits for everyone! The season is really starting to take off and the fish are already getting bigger. This is the best start to Salmon season in several years! We have lots of trips already on the books, if you’re looking for a particular day you might want to call and make sure we still have room for you! 541-265-6800 … Read entire article »

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Salmon firsts

This kid had never caught a salmon before in his life. Before he even got off the boat he was already bragging to all of us waiting on the dock about how big his fish was. We love sharing in the first time experiences of kids like him! This picture is a reminder to all of you that the limit is THREE coho per person! This is Roxy proudly showing off her limit of Salmon from Sunday. We’ve been taking Salmon trips every day and are getting a lot of action from natives and fin-clipped keepers, so it’s been a very exciting week so far. We’re still waiting to hear about any additional Halibut dates and we’ll post them on here when we’re updated. If you are itching to catch some Salmon … Read entire article »

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Salmon Opening Day

Yesterday was the first day of the Pacific Salmon season here in Newport and we at Yaquina Bay Charters took out three trips to test our luck. Last year’s opening day was a disappointing one to say the least with less than 5 fish brought home, but this year was much better and 32 fish were brought back to dock with countless others released. We’re getting a lot of action and all of our customers from yesterday said they had a great time fishing despite being short on limits. We are looking forward to many more successful trips and even better fishing throughout the next few weeks. We have Salmon trips scheduled nearly every day, so give us a call to save your spot before it’s gone! Bottom fishing trips … Read entire article »

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