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Today we recieved an email from Reba who mentioned that many of our Salmon pictures were of men, and she was curious how women who were not avid fisherwomen would fare on the trips. Well, we’ve had many women come out fishing with us and do just as well (and sometimes better) than their male counterparts! Here are a few of our fisher-ladies from the last couple weeks. … Read entire article »

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Pictures from the 4th

Hey all, the Halibut trip we took on the 4th went very well and everyone had a great time!  Bottom Fishing has been picking up since the water temperature has warmed up a bit in the last few days, and we’re looking forward to our first Tuna trip on Wednesday! We’ll post a report here after that trip and let you know some dates we have available if you’re looking to get on a Tuna trip in the next few weeks. Here are some pictures of the fireworks over Yaquina Bay on the 4th.. It’s really too bad fog and smoke obscured most of our view, but the pictures are interesting! … Read entire article »

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Fourth of July!

Yesterday was a really good day of Halibut fishing and we limited out our Crackerjack and even got our crew fish! The Crackerjack is out on another Halibut today while the Sea Quell is looking for Salmon and Bottom fish on our 10 hour combo. As soon as our boats get in we’re all heading out to fire up the BBQ and get our 4th of July celebration rolling! We look forward to watching the fireworks over Yaquina Bay all year, and we hope you all have a great time celebrating tonight as well!                     … Read entire article »

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Lulls and Cycles

Our trips yesterday made it out, but fishing has continued to be a little slow for both Salmon and Rockfish. We’re anticipating a new batch of Salmon to come up from the south here in the next day or two to replace the group that moved north in the last few days. The bottom fish are just slower to bite right now because of a sudden drop in water temps brought on by the recent wind. Since they are cold-blooded fish, their metabolism slows down when the water gets colder making them less hungry and less likely to go after our gear. They still have to eat, so we’ll keep catching some, but it might remain slow for another day or two until the water warms up another couple degrees … Read entire article »

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Weather and Introductions

It was a bright and early sunshine-y morning here at Yaquina Bay Charters today, but the weather was anything but cooperative. Our boats went out to see if we could handle the weather but the wind was already blowing 15 kts at the tips of the jetty by 5am and supposed to double by mid-morning. That on top of combined seas of about 11ft. at 11 seconds made it hard to keep going. We’re crossing our fingers that the weather will pass through today so we can make it out for our Salmon trips tomorrow. I’m going to take this opportunity (with Rachel being out of the office today) to introduce you to our office staff which includes myself and Rachel. Rachel is below on the left, and I am on … Read entire article »

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