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Upcoming Trips This Week 7/8-7/15

Below are a list of the available trips this week. Please check in with our office to make reservations.

Sunday July 8th
-7am-12pm Rock Fish Trip 6 pack boat 3 spots open

Monday July 9th
-6am-12pm Salmon 6 spots open
-6am-2pm Salmon 6 spots open
-2pm-5pm Ocean Crab and Whale Watch 11 spots open

Tuesday July 10th
-7am-12pm Rock Fish 15 spots open
-1pm-6pm Rock Fish 16 spots open

Wednesday July 11th
-7am-12pm Rock Fish 8 spots open
-7am-1pm Long Leader Rock Fish 8 spots open. (10 Rock Fish Limit!)

Thursday July 12th
-6am-2pm Salmon 7 spots open
-7am-12pm Rock Fish 11 spots open
-2pm-5pm Ocean Crab and Whale Watch 8 spots open

Friday July 13th
-6am-4pm Salmon and Rock Fish Combo 11 spots open
-7am-12pm Rock Fish 5 spots open
-1pm-6pm Rock Fish 14 spots open

Saturday July 14th
-6am-12pm Salmon 3 spots open
-7am-12pm Rock Fish 1 spot open
-1pm-6pm Rock Fish 14 spots open
-2pm-5pm Ocean Crab and Whale Watch 14 spots open

Sunday July 15th
-6am-4pm Near Shore Halibut/Rock Fish Combo 4 spots open
-7am-12pm Rock Fish This is on the six pack charter 6 spots open (Great for small groups or a private charter)

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Below is a list of fishing trips available this week. Please call the office at 541-265-6800 or online at yaquinabaycharters...

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