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Reports & Trip Update

Good morning! This has been a better than expected weather week for us here in Newport. When the hot forecast came out early in the week we were expecting to see crippling winds that would cancel our tuna and halibut trips Thursday-Sunday, but thankfully the forecast was better than expected and we’ve been able to get out there every day. Tuna have been averaging consistently in the 35-50 range per boat (10 people) and yesterday both boats limited on Halibut of a good size grade. Today is possibly our last Halibut day of the year since the next two dates it might be open are booked with other trips, so hopefully the Gracie K brings in another group of happy campers with limits today! The Crackerjack is headed out on a tuna quest for the 5th time this week!

Here’s an updated AVAILABLE trip schedule for the coming week:
Sunday 8/5 – 10 Hour Rockfish/Salmon Combo, 4 spots – CJ
Monday 8/6 – 1/2 Day Rockfishing, 10 spots, GK
Tuesday 8/7 – 12 Hour Tuna, 5 spots – GK, 1/2 Day Rockfishing, 2 spots, CJ
Wednesday 8/8 – 1/2 Day Rockfishing, 3 spots, GK
Thursday 8/9 – Afternoon 3 Hour Whale Watch/Crab Combo, 10 spots, CJ

And that is it that is left open for this coming week, Friday and Saturday are both full. next Sunday there is a rockfishing trip available for up to 7 more people.

Here is the updated list for Tuna dates with availability left: 8/13 – 1 spot, 8/16 – 1 spot & open boat, 8/21 – 7 spots, 8/23 – open boat, 8/27 – 8 spots & open boat, 8/28 – 5 spots, 8/29 – 8 spots.

If you have any questions or would like to book your trip please give us a call at the office 866-465-6801 or 541-265-6800!


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One Response to "Reports & Trip Update"

  1. Anna says:

    Wonderful trip today!!! My brother and I can’t stop thinking about all the 68 tuna we caught today:) already, my brother is talking about doing another trip with you! Thank you very much for a fantastic day out at sea:) see you next year for Tuna and maybe halibut too:)