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Trip Schedule for 7/24- 8/7

Hey all, here is the schedule for the next two weeks because we’re filling up fast:

Mon 7/25 – 1/2 day Salmon, 1/2 day Bottom
Tues 7/26 – 12 hr Tuna, 1/2 day Bottom, afternoon Whale Watch/Crab
Wed 7/27 – 12 hour Tuna, 1/2 day Salmon
Thurs 7/28 – Morning & afternoon 1/2 day Rock, Full day Salmon
Fri 7/29 – 12 hr Tuna, 1/2 day Rock, Whale Watch
Sun 7/31 – 12 hr Tuna (1 spot), 10 hr Salmon/Rock combo
Mon 8/1 – Full day Salmon, 10 hr Salmon/Rock Combo
Tues 8/2 – 18 hr Tuna (leaves at midnight), 1/2 day Rock
Thurs 8/4 – 1/2 day Rock
Sat 8/6 – 12 hr Tuna
Sun 8/7 – 12 hr Tuna

I only listed trips with spots still available. We limit our trips to 15 people on Rockfishing, 12 for Salmon and Halibut, and 10 for Tuna.

Give us a call if you’d like to reserve some spots! 541-265-6800

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8 Responses to "Trip Schedule for 7/24- 8/7"

  1. A. M. Thornton says:

    Looking to take my son for his first salmon fishing trip, available most days of the week. Got anything soon? thanks

  2. laura says:

    What is the schedule for 8/9? (We are hoping for rockfish.) Thanks!

  3. Lauren says:

    hi there! On the 9th it looks like we have 2 spots left on a rockfishing trip. We also have an afternoon rockfishing trip with more spots available tomorrow the 8th in the afternoon. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you!

  4. Lauren says:

    Our next salmon trip is on Friday the 12th and it is a half day (about 6 hours).

  5. kyle says:

    im looking in wanting to go fishing soon with your fleet an wanted to know how tuna an bottom is doing in the next 3 weeks wat u thinck it wood be like an if the water is chopey or flat

  6. Lauren says:

    The weather has been great lately without too much wind to create the chop, but any time it’s really hot in the Willamette Valley we get more wind here, so if that forecast it looking in the 90s or higher we usually expect some more choppy seas. Tuna is doing great right now and bottom fishing is pretty steady, but still a little slower than usual.

  7. clark says:

    when u do your 12 tuna trips do u do from dock to dock or start the time when u get out thar an how long does it take to get out to the tuna spots?

  8. Lauren says:

    Dock to dock. Usually takes about 1 hour per 20 miles we go out and we go as far as 60 miles in a 12 hour trip. So if you were going maximum distance you’d have 6 hours of travel time and 6 hours of fishing time. Currently we’re going about 35-40 miles.