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August Tuna Spots

The following are the last remaining spots to go out for Tuna in August: Wednesday Aug. 11th – 2 spots Tuesday Aug. 17th – 3 spots Friday Aug. 20th – 1 spot Friday Aug. 27th – 1 spot Getting pretty close to full! … Read entire article »

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Saturday Tuna

The Crackerjack took out a private party of 9 yesterday and the boys brought back 48 fish! Really nice grade albacore, average about 20 pounds, some much bigger ones in there too. Capt. Jack was out between 40 and 45 miles. Looking forward to a little breather today and the next couple with just bottom fishing and then back on Tuna on Wednesday. We have 6 spots available THIS WEDNESDAY August 11th! Also there are 3 spots open on Tuesday the 17th and 2 spots open on Friday the 20th if you want to get out there and catch your dinner! … Read entire article »

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Monday Tuna

Today's tuna trip came back with 27. Not too shabby! Headed out again Wednesday and then Friday-Sunday. The next available trip is on the 17th with 6 spots left. The 18th and the 27th have one spot and then we have room for a full boat on the 25th. After that we're booked until September! … Read entire article »

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Busy week!

 Alrighty folks here's a run down of this week's activities at YBC: We had one good Salmon day on Monday on the CJ and then the next days were just like old times, a.k.a. slooooow. Some boats went back to our exact spot as Monday and got nothing the next day, so those salmon are being quite elusive. There have been a few caught here and there, but no one is posting big numbers or even nearly an average of one fish per charter customer. We are still keeping our eyes out and hoping there will be another good day that will stick around a little longer! Bottom fishing was a little slow this week as the water temperature remains a bit cold for them. When the water gets cold the fish … Read entire article »

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