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Salmon Update

We've been asked to give an update on how the Salmon season is progressing, and I apologize for not giving more information sooner! Unfortunately the reason we haven't said much about it is because there isn't much happening…

As of July 11th ODFW estimates that only 5.4% of the Coho quota has been taken. The average number of salmon caught per angler in Newport from June 26-July 11 is less than 0.10… the best average on the Oregon coast has been out of Garibali where they have estimated an average catch of 0.52 salmon per angler.  This information comes from the salmon catch estimated and statistics page on the ODFW website.

The encouraging news is that it looks like salmon catches down south have increased over the initial two weeks of the season, which means the fish are probably working their way up from the south by now. Hopefully they will really start to fill in down there and come all they way up to us within the next few weeks so we have some nice August salmon (and good-sized ones!) to chase.

I promise as soon as we start seeing them or hearing of some improved catches we will let you know!

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