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Salmon Success!

The tuna decided to be about 75 miles out this weekend because of consistently strong north wind that pushed the warm water a little farther out this week, so our tuna trips became salmon trips. The tuna should come back in closer within the next week since the wind is supposed to stop blowing over the next few days, but we’ll keep you posted.

We had a pretty good salmon day on both our boats Friday compared to earlier in the week and a very good day yesterday with just 3 fish shy of limits for the the Crackerjack and Sea Quell.


Today we have another Salmon trip and two bottom fishing trips. We’ll post pictures from Saturday’s trip and today’s results later this week. We hope you all enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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One Response to "Salmon Success!"

  1. Dave Goemaere says:

    The trip was very exiting with the Salmon practically jumping in the boat near the end of the trip. Also the crab pots were filled which made the trip complete. Captain Jack and deck hand Sam were great at guiding us to the big ones. Thanks for the trip even though I was doing some chumming myself which I believe helped out with the big fish.