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Weather and Introductions

It was a bright and early sunshine-y morning here at Yaquina Bay Charters today, but the weather was anything but cooperative. Our boats went out to see if we could handle the weather but the wind was already blowing 15 kts at the tips of the jetty by 5am and supposed to double by mid-morning. That on top of combined seas of about 11ft. at 11 seconds made it hard to keep going. We’re crossing our fingers that the weather will pass through today so we can make it out for our Salmon trips tomorrow.

I’m going to take this opportunity (with Rachel being out of the office today) to introduce you to our office staff which includes myself and Rachel. Rachel is below on the left, and I am on the right. Both of us are pictured with Rachel’s daughter Grace.

june-0291               Me and my niece Grace

Rachel is Captain Jack’s wife, Grace is his daughter, and I am his sister. So if you happen to call the office and hear a female voice, you are speaking with one of us!

Some of you may also know that Jack’s deckhand, Sam, is his and my brother. We are very much a family run business and that is part of the reason we are different than a lot of the other charter offices on the coast. Also, let me mention we have an “office dog.” Captain Jack and Rachel have a golden retriever named Remy that often joins us in greeting customers.   


For those of you who have had enough background on people for the day, here’s another couple pictures of good fishing from this week. We’re looking forward to having many more before the season is over!


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